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Guidelines for visitors to the forum

Purpose of the M.H.S. Web Forum
We hope you enjoy your visit to the forum, and issue an open invitation for you to join, and partake of the action.  The forum serves many purposes:
        a means for communicating between people with a common interest and desire to share, but maybe separated by distance
        finding information about the Marlow Historical Society
        locating ancestors

        solving historical mysteries
        starting new projects
        helping with already existing ones
       as a source of general information about Marlow and the Historical Society.

    So feel free to join in: you have to register online. 
To participate, you will need to register online, and there will be a short waiting period before your application is accepted and your registration confirmed. This is to protect against spurious entries, abuse, etc.  The forum is free to use, but we do ask that you observe the common decencies of not using it as a vehicle to vilify anyone or any organization, and also to make sure your language is socially acceptable to a wide spectrum of people.  It does need to be stated that views expressed in the forum are not necessarily those of the Historical Society itself.
Oh yes, the Youth group is only open to members of Marlow's Youth Group.

Here is some idea of the kind of forums you may find.  If there is not one covering your favorite topic write and let us know.