Genealogy of the Signers of Marlow's Petition, 1772

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Genealogy of the Signers of Marlow's Petition, 1772

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Genealogical Information on the Signers of Marlow’s Petition
for an Extension of the Charter, Delivered to Governor Wentworth
in Portsmouth by Samuel Gustin, January 1772

For the details of this story, see "Man Rode Horseback to Portsmouth and Saved Marlow" under "Marlow History" in this Forum.

This represents the genealogical information we have been able to gather so far on our first settlers. If you are familiar with any of these and can correct any errors or add information, please register for the Forum and share. (It's free!) Also, if you have a particular interest in any of these people, please ask. In most cases, there is further information available. We will be happy to "dig" for you.

We must use caution in accepting what we find on the interenet as fact and much of this information is gathered from internet sources. The information is only as good as the information people have entered. Bob Nichols cautions us: "We have to be very careful about accepting all that we find on the internet as being fact. We must remember that what we find on websites is information that an individual has posted. It may or may not have been verified. While most people don't intentionally post inaccurate information, it does happen. Sometimes it is vanity -- some people won't believe that their ancestor(s) had a child before marriage, even though it was moderately common -- and they simply say that a marriage date must be the previous year. Sometimes people don't check a "fact" because they "know" it is true. For example -- we all know where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought, where the Battle of Bennington was fought and that Ulysses Simpson Grant was President of the United States. The answers are: Bunker Hill in Massachusetts, Bennington in Vermont and "yes" he was president of the United States. We don't have to check these because we "know" that they are true. Not quite so. The Battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought at Breed's Hill which is nearby. The Battle of Bennington was fought in eastern New York -- militia left Bennington and headed west and met the enemy in New York. Grant's mother named him Hiram Ulysses Grant -- his name was changed later."

Please understand that this is a work in progress, and Bob and I will be rechecking, refining, and updating the information here. These are the signers as they appear to have been - as it seems at the moment. It just wouldn't be research if we didn't occasionally learn something new. We don't intend to present Marlow history as many American textbooks present history, as myths of our past, but to ferret out the truth. Still, it is difficult to untangle these webs. Please, if you know something about one of these individuals that we don't or believe we are wrong about something, let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Abel Beckwith
--- Abel was born in Lyme, CT about 1735, son of Richard Beckwith and Hannah Moore. He married Lucy Caulkins, born in Lyme Aug. 6, 1723, where she died March 23, 1759. This suggests that the pair returned to Lyme after some time in NH. Their children are Martin Beckwith, born 1759 and Hannah Beckwith, born Dec. 4, 1762 in Lyme, CT. He seems not to be a direct ancestor of the Beckwiths who remained in the area.

Bob Nichols adds that while Lucy Caulkins is the maiden name of the woman that Abel Beckwith married, she was at the time ofntheir marriage, the widow of Simon DeWolf. (5/14/07)

Sylvanus Beckwith
--- Sylvanus was born on May 22, 1742 in Lyme, CT, son of Hezekiah Beckwith and Mary Gilbert. In 1765, he married Hepzibah Tubbs, daughter of Abner and Anna Tubbs. They had one (known) son, Nathan Beckwith, born Sept. 15, 1778 in Stanford, NY. One maternal great grandmother is Mary DeWolf, daughter of Balthazar DeWolf. Sylvanus seems not to be a direct ancestor of the locally famous Beckwith families. However, there is probably a connection.

Abner Bingham
--- Abner, son of Abisha Bingham and Mary Tubbs, was born in the town of Scotland in Windham County, CT in 1739. He died in Walpole, NH about 1774. His wife, Sarah Clark, also born in the town of Scotland, CT, died in Marlow, NH in 1799. Their children, Faith, Ripley (b. 1759), and John Clark Bingham (b. 1765) were born in Scotland, CT. Abner’s mother, Mary Tubbs, was born in Lyme, CT April 2, 1710 and died July 23, 1813 in Windham, CT. The parents of Mary Tubbs’ mother, Martha (Mara) Smith, were John Smith and Mary Huntley. Mary’s parents were John Huntley and Mary Curtis, one patriarch and matriarch pair of the Marlow Huntley clan as well as of many other Huntleys and Marlow folk. The parents of John Smith, Mary’s maternal grandparents, were Richard Smith and Joanna Quarles of Lyme, CT and Providence, RI. Many Marlow genealogies lead back to this pair.

Ephriam Brockway
--- Ephriam, son of Ephriam Brockway and Susanna Carrier*, was born Nov. 1, 1741 in Lyme, CT and died in 1816 in Marlow, NH. On Dec. 30, 1760, he married Esther Calkins in Lyme. She died about 1764 in Charlotte, NY. Their children are: Sally (b. 1769), William (b. Feb. 24, 1786 in Lyme), and Ephriam (b. 1789 in Lyme). Esther’s parents are Joseph Calkins and Lucretia Turner. It seems that Ephriam and Susanna must have left Marlow for awhile after 1772, since their children were born in Lyme, but at least Ephriam returned as he died in Marlow. Did they also live in Charlotte, NY where she died earlier?

*"My records have Susannah Currier." Bob Nichols (5/07)

Samuel Canfield
--- Marlow's Samuel Canfield was a preacher, and there are several men of the period by that name in Connecticut, including several in or near Lyme, CT that it seemed at first hopeless to speculate which one came to Marlow, but our friend of Marlow Historical Society, Bob Nichols, has figured it out.

We know of our Samuel Canfield that his house burned down and his two young children were lost in the fire. It is said that he later left town rather suddenly. It seems that he was working in his fields the day a funeral was held two miles away when he clearly heard the voice of the deceased. He was so spooked by the experience that he quickly departed the area with his family. Today we might think of several psychological reasons for his experience, but who knows? I wonder what the voice said. That is not recorded.

Robert Nicols has discovered that this man is our Marlow's own Revolutionary: Our Marlow Revolutionary Samuel Canfield was born in Wallingford, CT on Dec 20, 1737 and died in 1813 in Ingersoll, Oxford, Ontario, Canada. His parents are Joel Canfield and Esther Moss. His spouse is Lucy Waterhouse or Lucy Waltrous, of Lyme, CT. Nichols adds that Samuel Canfield is one of thirteen children, and, while his father's name is Joe, he also had a bother Joel, born in 1739. (5/07)

This is how Nichols deduced the corrected Samuel Canfiled - He located these inscriptions in what is now called Marlow's West Yard Cemetery near Baker's Corners:

In memory of ESTHER
And SARAH Daughters of
Capt Sam'l CANFIELD &
Lucy his wife they was
Burnt to death in their
Father's house June 18th
1789 Sarah 10 & Esther 12
years old.

In memory of LUCY Daugh
ter to Capt Samuel CANFIELD
& Lucy his wife. Who died
March 10th 1779 aged 9
years & 10 months.

Behold all you as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me.

There we have the two daughters who were lost in the fire, another daughter lost ten yearts earlier, and his wife Lucy Watrous (or Waterhouse).

Simeon Church
--- While there are several men named Simeon or Simon Church during this period. One was born in 1708 in Lynn, MA. His father is Samuel Church and his mother is Susannah Hungerford. He was married to Eunice Warner who was born in Saybrook, CT in 1709/10 and died in Chester CT July 16, 1809. Another is his son, Simeon Church, as pointed out by Bob Nichols (5/07). The reason we believe one of these must be the Marlow Simeon Church of 1772 is that the daughter of Simeon Church, Sr./sister of Simeon Church, Jr., Elizabeth, who was born Nov. 28, 1753 in Saybrook, CT, married Isaiah Huntley (b. Nov. 24, 1751 in Lyme, CT) and was the mother of seven Huntleys, all born in Marlow:
Calvin - Aug. 11, 1780
Nathan - Jan. 7, 1782
Isaiah - Nov. 20, 1787
Leland - Dec. 3, 1790
Allen - Dec. 13, 1792
Wealthy - March 16, 1795
Seldon - Oct. 20, 1797

Isaiah and Elizabeth moved to Duxbury, VT where he was a successful farmer, owned a saw mill, and held positions of trust in the town. He died Dec. 21, 1820. Elizabeth (Church) Huntley died in Waterbury, VT on Feb. 13, 1841. These folks stayed in Marlow long enough to birth their family and moved on.

From Bob Nichols -
The children of Simeon Church and Eunice Warner:
Titus - 1745-1807
Lois - 1747-1825
Simeon - 1750-1841
Philemon - 1751-1842
Elizabeth - 1753-1831 (who married Isaiah Huntley)
John - 1755-1834
Samuel - 1759-1842

Bob Nichols, friendly local genealogist, points out that the son Simeon Church (1750-1841) is the more likely signer of the petition because he would have been in his prime in 1772.

Titus Church
---Titus is the son/brother of Simeon Church (above), who also a signer of the petition, as his mother is shown to be Eunice Warner. It appears that Titus Church's parents, Simeon and Eunice, are cousins, Simeon’s mother being Susannah Hungerford and Eunice’s father being Thomas Hungerford, both being children of Thomas Hungerford, Sr. of Saybrook near Lyme, CT. This Titus has a second spouse, Mary Lowell, of whom we know only her name.

Titus Church was married to Anna Tubbs, born Oct. 8, 1752 in Lyme, CT and who died in Marlow before March 15, 1780. Her father is Joseph Tubbs (b. Feb. 13/14 in Lyme, CT) and her mother is Lucia Robins (b. Feb. 1, 1717/18). Anna’s father Joseph is the son of Isaac Tubbs (b. Sept. 6, 1682 in New London, CT) and Marah Smith (b. August 8, 1686 in New London, CT). That leads us back to her father, John Smith, and his father, Richard Smith of Lyme, CT and RI and his wife, Joanna Quarles. This Titus Church is also a possible candidate for the signing, although the first is more probable. We will work on a more definitive answer. Will the Titus Church who signed the Marlow petition please stand up?

Samuel Comstock
--- Samuel is one of men listed on the petition as planning to bring his family to Marlow in the spring of 1772. Samuel is a puzzle because there seem to be a number of men by this name from Connecticut who are in the right age range in 1772 to be candidates. Simply because he hails from Saybrook, near Lyme, CT, this Samuel seems to be the most likely to have signed the petition. Since apparently the Comstocks did not remain in Marlow long enough to contribute any vital statistics, the identity remains uncertain. Samuel Comstock (b. in 1734 in Saybrook, CT and d. in Saybrook in 1833) is the son of Samuel Comstock and Irena Pratt. His first spouse, Mary Taylor, whom he married in 1754, died Sept. 1807 in Richmond, MA. His second spouse, Laura Merritt, born in Saybrook, CT in 1748, died in 1790. They had the following children, all born in Saybrook: William, Samuel, Josiah, Rebecca, and Dorothy. This is the Comstock line which, with the Pratts, became big business folk in Essex, CT. Whether or not this is Marlow’s Samuel Comstock remains to be seen.

Solomon Gee
---Solomon, born in Lyme, CT in 1736, is the son of Solomon Gee, Sr. and Deborah Huntley. Solomon Gee, Sr. is the son of Richard and Mary Gee. Then the line goes to Ezechiell Gee to Phillipi Guye, pointing to a French origin of the name (as in Guy Fawkes). Deborah Huntley is the daughter of Aaron Huntley and Deborah Dewolf, a line leading to Balthazar and beyond to (Belgian?) DeLoup (The Wolf). On Nov. 10, 1760, Solomon Gee married Martha Bingham (b. Aug. 15, 1741 in the town of Scotland, CT). Incidentally, Martha Bingham is the daughter of Abisha Bingham and Mary Tubbs. Mary is the daughter of Isaac C. Tubbs and Martha (Marah) Smith. Martha’s parents are John Smith and Mary Huntley, so, as we can see, the Gee family is closely related to other Marlow families. John Smith leads us back to his parents, Richard Smith and Joanna Quarles, so there are those names again. The following children were born to them in Lyme, CT and presumably accompanied them to Marlow, NH:
Leuman - b. Nov. 14, 1759
Molly - b. Jan. 24, 1762
Abner - b. Feb. 15, 1765
The following were born to them in Marlow:
Solomon - b. March 24, 1771
Abisha B. - b. July 17, 1773
Edward Gee - b. Oct. 1780

Although some sources show the family name as McGee, that seems incorrect since the name traces back to the French name, "Guy," pronounced "Gee" with a hard "g."

Solomon Gee built several of marlow's early mills. His first was on Grassy Brook. Later the Gees built a mill on what is now called Gee Brook. The remains of the mill dam may still be seen near where Sand Pond Road joins Route 10. Solomon Gee died in Marlow Dec. 24, 1803 and his wife Martha died in Marlow Nov. 15, 1823. (See more about Marlow's Gee family under "Genealogical Matters" in this Forum.)

John Gustin
--- John, born in New Salem, CT, is the son of Samuel Gustin, the Marlow hero who took a petition to Governor Wentworth, riding horseback through untracked wilderness from Marlow to Portsmouth, NH in January. John is named after his grandfather, John Gustin. John’s mother is Abigail Shaw. John’s name was sometimes spelled “Gustine.â€
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Genealogy of Others Who Were in Marlow by 1770

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Of the list of men who were residents of Marlow on or before 1770, there are nineteen who did not sign the petition of 1772. Why these gentlemen, recorded in Elgin Jones' History of Marlow, New Hampshire as being present in town in 1770 or before, were not on hand to sign the petition is unknown. They may have been absent for the signing for a variety of reasons, but we would like to acknowledge their presence in the town, in as far as possible, by presenting their origins and family relationships as well. We will enlarge more on those who remained or left record of their presence here. Although it is not universally true of this group, they are in general not as closely tied by blood to Lyme, CT families as those who signed the petition.

Jonathan Chapel
--- There are two Jonathan Chapels, father and son, who might have been in Marlow, NH on or before 1770. It seems more likely to have been the son who was here because, by 1770, Jonathan, Sr. had fathered fifteen children, all of them born in New London, CT. His wife, Esther or Elizabeth Comstock, whom he married March 25, 1742, gave birth to those fifteen between 1743 and 1768. He probably was not considering bringing that brood into the wilderness. It seems he was a settled man in 1770.

Jonathan Chapel, Sr. was born in New London, CT Aug. 29, 1783, son of Joseph Chapel and Bethia Dart. He died in New London Aug. 29, 1883. His wife, Elizabeth or Esther Comstock died Jan. 16, 1815.

His son, Jonathan Chapell, Jr. [Note the added "l."] was born in New London, CT Jan. 29, 1756. He married Mary Randall in New London. The pair had these children: Mary, Elizabeth, Jerod, John R., William, and Joshua. Joshua was born about 1780 in Connecticut. Jonathan Chapell died in Pitcher, Chenango Co., NY in 1822. This could be Marlow's Jonathan Chapell since there was a drift of a number of Marlow settlers into New York State.

Joel Canfield
--- No doubt Joel is related to the Samuel Canfield who was present to sign the petition, but the jury is still out on his identity. If Marlow's Samuel Canfield is the one born in Wallingford, CT Dec. 1737, then Marlow's Joel might have been his father, as that Samuel's parents are Joel Canfield and Esther Moss.

On the other hand, there is another Joel Canfield born in Wallingford, CT who could not have been Samuel's father because he was born June 9, 1739, most likely Samuel's brother. We must be in the right ball park with the Samuel and Joel Canfield combination both in Wallingford, CT and Marlow, NH, but we must not jump to conclusions. Was Joel Canfield Samuel's father or his uncle or perhaps another person all together? We may never know.

Saul Gustin
--- Although probably Saul is related in some way to Samuel Gustin, so far information on him has not been located.

Stephen Huntley
--- Born in Lyme, CT Feb. 28, 1719, son of Aaron Huntley and Deborah DeWolf, Stephen's paternal grandparents are Aaron Huntley, Sr. and Mary Champion. His maternal grandparents are Stephen DeWolf, whose father is Balthazar, and Hannah Jones. Stephen married Phoebe Tubbs, daughter of Samuel Tubbs and Mercy Tozer, on April 2, 1764 in Lyme, CT. Their children, all born in Lyme, are
Catherine - 1765
Lucinda - 1767
Catherine - 1770

Phebe died in Lyme March 14, 1775, and Stephen died in Lyme June 15, 1805, but, for a time, at least, Stephen must have been in Marlow with several of his relatives.

Job Johnson
--- We are clueless here.

Benjamin Lee
--- There are two candidates for the Marlow Benjamin Lee. The most likely is one born Dec. 12, 1730, son of Stephen Lee and Abigail Lord. Martin Lord (below) is also on this short list. This Benjamin's paternal grandparents are Thomas Lee and Mary DeWolf, the latter being the daughter of Balthazar DeWolf and Alice Peck who figure prominently in Lyme/Marlow genealogy.

However, there is another Benjamin Lee who is a possibility. He was born in Lyme, CT Feb 27, 1740, son of Benjamin Lee and Mary Ely. The paternal grandparents are John Lee and Elizabeth Smith. The maternal grandparents are Daniel Ely and Elizabeth Peck. We can sense that the two Benjamins are probably related. This Benjamin married Mary Dorr, born in Lyme about 1743, on Aug. 21, 1761. They had ten children, all born in Lyme, CT. They both died In Truxton, NY, he on July 2, 1826 and she Jan. 23, 1825.

Martin Lord
--- The most likely candidate for his early Marlow man is Martin Lord, born in Saybrook (near Lyme), CT June 5, 1742, son of Andrew Lord and Huldah Lamb. The paternal grandparents are Benjamin Lord and Elizabeth Pratt. The maternal grandparents are Samuel Lamb and Rebecca Bird. He married Concurrence Seward of Killingworth, CT June 15, 1743. They had two daughters, Mabel and Huldah. She died in Saybrook, CT Oct. 4,1799. He died Dec. 19,1821.

Jerry Miller
--- There seem to be many Jerry Millers in the world, and his identity may be tough to sort out.

Curtis Muncil
--- We know there were Muncils (or Munsells) in early Marlow, but we have not yet identified Curtis.

John Noyes
--- John is probably connected to William Noyes (See below.) but his identity has not been found yet.

William Noyes
--- William, Sr., son of Moses Noyes and Mary Ely was born in Lyme, CT in 1728. The paternal grandparents are Moses Noyes and Ruth Pickett. The maternal grandparents are William Ely and Elizabeth Smith (the same maternal grandparents are Benjamin Lee, so we know we are on firm ground here). William married Eunice Marvin, born in Lyme on Dec. 2, 1735. The marriage took place April 5, 1756. The pair had two children born in Lyme, Joseph Noyes (Sept. 7, 1758) and William Noyes (Oct. 30, 1760). The son William would surely have been considered too young to be a settler in his own right. William's grandfather, Moses Noyes, was born in Lyme, CT Aug 1, 1678. The grandfather, William Ely, was born in Plymouth England Oct. 15, 1647, and died in Lyme, Feb 32, 1717. The ancestors do include Elizabeth Smith > Lawrence Smith > John Smith > Richard Smith and Joanne Quarles, familiar names to those who have read the section on signers of the petition.

William Reed
--- We are seraching for him.

Samuel Royce
--- Samuel, born May 13, 1740 in Lyme, CT, is the son of our old friends Nehemiah Royce and Abigail Gustin. The paternal grandparents are Jonathan Royce and Ruth Beckwith, whom we know from before. The maternal grandparents are our hero, Samuel Gustin and Abigail Shaw. Samuel Royce married Rebecca Beckwith in 1736. Rebecca was born Sept. 23, 1741 in Farmington, MA. Their children are
Andrew Royce - April 1765
Hester Royce - April 24, 1770, Alstead, NH
William Bibdad Royce - July 5, 1772, Alstead, NH
Nehemiah Royce - Oct. 1781, Claremont, NH

Now we understand why Samuel Royce was not present in Marlow in 1772 to sign the petition, and yet both Samuel and Rebecca died in Marlow, he on June 30, 1802 and she July 23, 1813.

Jacob Shaw
--- It is uncertain that Samuel Jacob Shaw born 1723 in Trenton, NJ is the right man. Little is known about him, but his wife, whom he married in his third marriage (The other two are unknown.) is Elizabeth Woolf. The marriage took place in Baltimore, MD and one child, John William Shaw was born April 16, 1806. If the records are accurate, truth is stranger than fiction, and he fathered this child at age 83. While Samuel Shaw's ancestry is uncertain, Elizabeth Woolf's is not. On a hunch, we followed that up, and, yes, it is the DeWolf family. She is the daughter of Jethiel DeWolf, son of Jethiel, son of Benjamin, son of Stephen, son of Balthazar. There is no guarantee that this Samuel Shaw is the Samuel Shaw settled in Marlow on or before 1770, but this connection is an indication he may well be the one. Perhaps our Jacob Shaw is only a relative of Samuel Jacob Shaw, but first and middle names were often reversed, lading to all kinds of confusion.

Dan Tubbs
--- The problem here is that we have a wealth of Dan Tubbs, all born in Lyme, CT in the "right" time period, one in 1748, one in 1752, and one in 1761.

Dan Tubbs was born in Lyme, CT in 1761, the son of Abisha Tubbs and Zephan Hepzibah Mack, who we know were here. The paternal grandparents are Joseph Tubbs and Lucy Lucia Robbins, The maternal grandparents are Ebenezer Mack and Hannah Huntley. Dan is distinguished by having Huntley ancestors on both sides as well as sprinklings of our usual Smiths, DeWolfs, Bagleys, Macks and Champions. That makes him a dead ringer for our early Marlow Dan Tubbs. He married a Lyme, CT name, Mary Munsell (or Munsil), in 1789 in New Hampshire. Their three children, all born in Marlow, NH, are
Clarrey June 1, 1786
Clarinda Tubbs 1797
James Tubbs - May 1, 1798.

Mary Munsell died in Marlow March 7, 1812. In March of Dan married Patty Anderson in Deering, NH. in 1813. He died in Marlow, NH on Oct. 30, 1837. The problem with accepting this Dan Tubbs as our settler on or before 1770 is his age. As a nine-year-old, he would not qualify as an adult settler. However, he was here early, and we couldn't resist describing him. He was certainly here because his parents were.

Another Dan Tubbs born in Old Lyme, CT is a possibility. Old Lyme is the same as Saybrook. Born about 1752, he married Hulda Collins (1760-1813) in 1785 at the age of 33. We were unable to trace his ancestry, but his children are
Phoenix - 1786
Benjamin - 1791
Stephen - 1794
Fredrick - 1796
Osman - 1798
Lester - 1801

In 1770, he was apparently an unmarried man and might have been in Marlow then. He died on Christmas Day, 1810 in Essex, Jct., VT. He is buried in the Village Cemetery there.

The most likely Dan Tubbs for the honor of early settler here is the one born Aug, 22, 1748 in Lyme, CT, son of Joseph Tubbs and Lucy Lucia Robbins. His paternal grandparents are Isaac Chapman Tubbs and Martha Smith. His maternal grandparents are Joseph Robins and Sarah Waterhouse. We know that Martha Smith's parents are John Smith and Mary Huntley and the next generation older brings up our old acquaintances by now, Richard Smith and Joanna Quarles, along with John Huntley and Jane Curtis.

This Dan Tubbs, born in 1748 married Molly about 1764. He died in Marlow March 7, 1812. He is probably the one meant in Elgin Jones' history,

Joseph Whitney
--- The only Joseph Whitney we were able to locate was not born until 1778 in Branford, CT, the son of John Whitney and Amy Howd. The paternal grandfather was also named John Whitney and the grandmother, Deborah Smith. He died Dec. 1801 at Martinique, West Indies. Deborah Smith's father, Joseph Smith (not "the" Joseph Smith) takes us back to Lyme, CT where he was born in 1697. He had married Margaret Brockway, born in 1701 in Lyme. The line goes back to a Richard Smith, but not our familiar one married to Joanna Quarles, but to one married to Bathsheba Rogers. Still, we cannot help but wonder if there is some connection between this Joseph Whitney and the one in Marlow on or before 1770. Was this one a nephew, perhaps, of the Marlow Joseph Whitney?

William Watson
We are looking for him.
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For Records of Marlow Men in Military Conflicts...

Postby Loisanne Foster » Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:03 am

For Records of Marlow Men in Military Conflicts...

...look under the topic "Marlow at War" in this Forum. So far we have scant information on their military roles, but we are locating the genealogy of each person listed on our Marlow War Memorial and will add more material as it is found. The intention is to complete the task through WWII.

We have entered all of those who enlisted from Marlow in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. We have discovered that a number of them are actually from surrounding towns, but, nevertheless, we are including everyone on our memorial. Marlow must have been a mustering point. We know that region-wide musters were held regularly on Marlow Hill, even in times of peace.

We are working on the War of 1812.
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A Mystery: Where Was "Saul Gustin" in 1772?

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From Bob Nichols, we have this speculation:

A hypothesis on Saul Gustin: On page 14 of Jones's History of Marlow you will notice that the list of "Actual Residents of Marlow before 1770" does NOT include Samuel Gustin. Saul Gustin is on the list.

The abbreviation Sam'l was commonly used for Samuel (even by an individual signing his own name). I have never seen Mr. Jones original manuscript or notes or those typed by his "unknown secretary," so I can only speculate as to what is in them and how decipherable they are.

If at some point either Mr. Jones or someone else had written "Sam'l" in longhand when referring to "Samuel," that could have been the origin of "Saul" Gustin. Probably all of us have seen handwriting where the letters "m" and/or "n" look more like "w" or "u" in the word we are trying to read. If this is what happened in this case it is relatively easy to understand how "Sam'l" could have been misinterpreted as "Saul".

This may or may not be the answer in this case: just a hypothesis.
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