Leuman Gee

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Leuman Gee

Postby wrcheever » Mon Sep 04, 2006 6:06 am

I am a descendant of Leuman Gee of Marlow through his son, Solomon who migrated to Lunenburg, Vermont. I have a lot of information on Solomon gee and his descendents but I know nothing about his mother, Betty Cate Bruce, wife of Leuman. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thank you Warren R. Cheever
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Betty Cate Bruce

Postby Loisanne Foster » Wed Sep 06, 2006 7:56 pm

I did fish up this link. It's not too informative, but might lead somewhere.

Good luck!

[url]cache of http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/GE ... 1144011488[/url]




Father: Leuman Gee
Birth: 14 Nov 1759 Connecticut

Mother: Betty Cate Bruce
Birth: 1755/1774 New Hampshire

Married: 24 Oct 1780 Alstead, Chesire County, New Hampshire

1.Gee, Abner - b. 17 Apr 1781, New Hampshire
2.Gee, Christopher - b. 31 Aug 1782, New Hampshire
3.Gee, Leuman - b. 6 Apr 1784, New Hampshire
4.Gee, Solomon - b. ABT 18 Feb 1786, New Hampshire
5.Gee, Molly - b. 18 Mar 1788, New Hampshire
6.Gee, Lucinda - b. 17 Apr 1791, New Hampshire
7.Gee, Abner - b. 9 Mar 1796, New Hampshire
8.Gee, Cate - b. 22 Jul 1800, New Hampshire
Maybe we need to look in Alstead, NH....
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Postby wrcheever » Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:39 am

Thank you for your reply. I have tried Alstead and I find a Timothy Bruce who died there, but he was younger than Betty Cate. One of the original settlers of Alstead was William Druce. I sometimes wonder if the name Bruce is in error. I have much information on Leuman's descendents in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Son, Solomon moved to Lunenburg where he married Rachel Hartshorn. They had a son Freeman who married Lucinda Smith. The had a son Freeman who married Albina Tripp Davis. They had a daughter,Grace Gee who was my grandmother.
Warren R. Cheever
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Betty Cate Bruce

Postby Loisanne Foster » Thu May 24, 2007 8:18 pm

Betty Cate Bruce was born in Alstead, NH in 1755. On Oct. 24, 1780, she married Leuman Gee who was born Nov. 14, 1759 in Lyme, CT.
Their children, all born in Marlow, NH
Christopher - Aug. 31, 1782
Leuman - April 6, 1784
Solomon - about Feb. 18, 1786
Molly - March 18, 1788
Lucinda - April 17, 1791
Abner - March 9, 1796
Cate - July 22, 1800.

Betty Cate Bruce died in 1800, the same year her youngest was born. She was only 45 years old. We might guess that she died in childbirth or because of its complications. Leuman died in Strafford, NH (date unknown).

(The Timothy Bruce, born in Marlborough, MA in 1752, married to Matilda Wheeler April 5, 1781 and died in Alstead, NH on Jan. 24, 1843 would have been her contemporary, but seems to have had no siblings named Betty Cate Bruce. The children of his parents, Timothy Bruce (b. Feb. 27, 1731 in Woburn, MA; d. Jan. 3, 1787, Marlborough, MA) and Susanna Joslin (b. Oct. 8, 1733, Marlborough, MA; d. Nov. 9, 1832, Marlborough, MA) had these children: Timothy, Thomas, William, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary Polly, Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth, and John, all born between 1752 and 1778, so Betty Cate Bruce seems not to be part of that immediate family.)

Perhaps she is Betty Cate. She might have married a Bruce before she married Leuman Gee. We are still looking.
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Leuman Gee and Probate Record, Essex County, VT

Postby Loisanne Foster » Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:23 pm

One of our correspondents wishes to share this information for which we are grateful!

Dear MHS,
I wanted to share a piece of information on the family of
Leuman Gee, who I know originated in Marlow, NH. A
probate record in Essex Co, VT lists Leuman as dying
in Lunenberg in 1805. His wife Cate signed the final
decree along with Christopher, Luman Jr. and a John
Everett. Mentioned in the estate are: Cate, Solomon,
and Christopher.

Hope this is of some help to other seekers,

and more

I don't know what you aleady have
and what you do not, but I should also point out that the
research of Grace Pittman and Dick Newman has
turned up circumstantial evidence that Cate Bruce Gee
was the daughter of Timothy and Susannah (Joslin)
Bruce of Bolton/Marlborough Mass.

Doing separate work of my own on a Patty Bruce who
was married to Timothy Fisher of Croydon, I came up
with similar pieces of information pointing to the family
of Timothy and Susannah Bruce. Then a few years
ago, I came across an entry in the minutes of a family
reunion in Vermont with strong evidence that my Patty
and Cate Bruce Gee were sisters.

This information can be found on the CD published a
couple years ago by the Pittman/Newman researchers
entitled Some Descendants of George Bruce of
Woburn, Mass. (also, digitized on the Family History
Archives on the internet). More on Patty and Timothy
Fisher's family will hopefully be published in my entry in
volume 3 of Vermont Families 1791, currently in the
process of being edited.

and furthermore...

Here's a bit more that I came across in searching
Lunenberg VT over the last couple of years. Since
there is more than one Luman and more than one
Solomon, all of these relationships have not been
sorted out. I do think, however, that the names of the
family members of Luman and Cate indicate that that
probate record is very likely for Leuman Gee who md
Cate/Betty Bruce.

Here's the other data:
There is a marriage on record in Vermont for a
Solomon Gee and Sally Ann Hutchinson, md 20 May
1840 in Concord VT. In 1870 there is a Solomon in
Concord age 53 and this one in Ripton VT age 86.
Early on in the Lunenberg/Concord area of VT (1780's)
Luman and Christopher Gee are shown owning land;
in 1830 Solomon Gee is listed there, but not in 1840. In
1850 both in Lunenberg and Ripton there is a
Solomon, in 1860 in Concord but not in Ripton.

My initial take on this is that the two Solomons here
may be father and son. The elder is probably the son of
Leuman, whom I know died in Ripton VT in 1870. The
younger may be his son or that of one of his brothers.
Concord is not far from Lunenberg; Ripton is quite a
ways away.

From what I had found previously, Solomon son of
Leuman and Cate, probably married first a Rachel
Hartshorn, second a Mary Wadley (possibly of Canada)
and late in life he was definitely married in Ripton to
Martha Fisher Spooner, widow.

We hope this will help!
Loisanne Foster
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Leuman Gee Research and Proper Credit

Postby Loisanne Foster » Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:07 pm

I must remind all of us that it is unethical to post anyone's research without permission and without giving proper credit. Such action understandably makes researchers less willing to share what they have found. Some are researching for publication and may have other reasons for not wishing to release their information at a given time. Please keep ethical practices in mind as you use the Forum and Forum contacts. The letter below illustrates the importance of this.

Thank you.

Loisanne Foster

Hello Ms. Foster,

I attempted to register on the MHS website and I received the error message that my email address had been banned!? I've never posted anything on the website so I have no idea why the address would be banned. The email address that I'm using for this email is the email address that is banned.

My reason for wanting post is related to the post on Leuman Gee from July 13, 2008. I started corresponding with a number ladies about my research on Leuman Gee in mid-July. I had discovered the probate record for Leuman Gee last year along with deeds. I reluctantly shared my the info. with the stipulation that credit was given to those who had done the research. I find it VERY interesting and unlikely coincidental that just after I share that information, the information is posted on your website.

I have shared information before on different lines of my family and they to ignored my request for proper acknowledgment to the researcher. This is why I'm generally not inclined to share research.

If there is a way for you to insert this email onto the MHS website I would appreciate it. If you could also advise why my email address was blocked I would appreciate that as well.


James Lane
Bennington, VT


Hello, Mr. Lane,

I apologize for your having been banned from the site. It was a mistake. I am zealous in banning those "salemen" who would prey upon those who visit the Forum, and "zapped" your application in error.

I apologize too that your research appeared on the site without proper credit being given to the researcher. That should never happen. I am working on getting you onto the Forum. In the meantime, I am posting this on your behalf.


Loisanne Foster
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