Early Military Records

This forum is for information about Marlow's War Veterans beginning with the Revolutionary War. See also Deborah Scranton's Tribeca Award winning Iraq documentary, "The War Tapes."

Early Military Records

Postby Loisanne Foster » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:33 pm

Here are the military records we have found so far. This is WORK IN PROGRESS.

Note that we have now found genealogical records on most of Marlow's Revolutionary soldiers and War of 1812 soldiers, and these may be found under separate subtopics in "Marlow at War.'' We are presently working on the Civil War group.


Abel Beckwith (sometime Marlow resident) is listed with those who signed the loyalty oath to America oath of 1776 (called the "Association Test") in Alstead:

Source: Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire Including the Association Test, the Pension Rolls, and Other Important Papers: Vol. 30, State Papers Series
by Albert Stillman Batchellor, Manchester, N. H., Printed for the State by the John B. Clarke Co., 1910

Association Test.

Colony of New Hampshire.
In Committee of Safety.
April 12th, 1776.

In order to carry the underwritten RESOLVE of the Hon'ble Continental CONGRESS into Execution,
You are requested to desire all Males above Twenty one Years of Age (Lunaticks, Idiots, and
Negroes excepted) to sign to the DECLARATION on this Paper; and when so done, to make Return
hereof, together with the Name or Names of all who shall refuse to sign the same, to the
GENERAL-ASSEMBLY, or Committee of Safety of this Colony.
M. Weare, Chairman.

In CONGRESS, March 14th, 1776.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Assemblies, Conventions, and Councils, or
Committees of Safety of the United Colonies, immediately to cause all Persons to be disarmed,
within their Respective Colonies, who are notoriously disaffected to the Cause of AMERICA,
Or who have not associated, and refuse to associate, to defend by ARMS, the United Colonies,
against the Hostile Attempts of the British Fleets and Armies.
(COPY) Extract from the Minutes.
Charles Thompson, Sec'ry.

In Consequence of the above Resolution, of the Hon. Continental CONGRESS, and to shew our
Determination in joining our American Brethren, in defending the Lives, Liberties, and
Properties of the Inhabitants of the UNITED COLONIES.
WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solomnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost
of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings
of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES.

Abram Brown
Absolom Kingsbery
Henry Rumrill
John Slade
Joseph Hatch
Edward Waldo
John Burroughs Junr
Simon Baxter Jur
Samuel Kidder
Simeon Shepard
Nathaniel Rust
Joel Chandler
Phinehas Hatch
Joshua Shepard
Jacob Wardner
Nathaniel Shepherd
Nathaniel Cooper
Gideon Delono
Silas King
Jason Wait
Aaron Lyon
Thomas Kidder
Abel Beckwith
John Wait
Abraham Brown Junr
Simon Brooks
William Simons
Roswell Shepherd
Frederick Wardnr J
onathan Shepherd
Daniel Waldo
Josiah Cook
Beulah Waldo
Amaziah Grover
Ephraim Brigham
Simon Rumrill
Amos Gale
Oliver Shepard
Aristides Huestis
John Axtell
John Plumbley
John Slade Juner
John Burrughs
Joseph Mack
Timothy Burrughs
Lemuel Crane
Joel Buroughs
John Hill
Jon Thomson
Natll Watts
Moses Hale
Nathan Mack
Thomas Walton
Daniel Burrughs
Zebulon Chandler
Philip Wordner
Samuel Royce
Jonth Sheperd Jr
Elias Brown
Joseph Brown
Josiah Lyon
Giles Marvin
Solomon Prentice
Natll S Prentice
Andrew Beckwith
Nathan Fay

To ye Honourable the General Assembly of the Colony of Newhamshier this May Certify your
Honours that
Simon Baxter
Samuel Chandlor
John Thomson &
Lamuel Millor [probably Marlow's Lemuel Miller]
Have Refused to Sign the Within Association Agreement Certifyd by the Select Men of Alsted:
Abram Brown
Absalom Kingsbury
Simon Brooks

Note other Marlow names in bold.

Francis Brown
b. Watertown, Mass., April 16, 1755; d. March 18, 1827; Residence: Marlow, N.H.; married his cousin Anna Brown born in Watertown, Mass., Sept. 19, 1761; Anna (daughter of Abraham Brown and Mary Livermore) d. Oct.17, 1817. The marriage took place in Alstead, N.H. on Feb. 17, 1785. Children: Francis, b. 1786; Jonathan, b. 1789, and Calvin, b. Aug. 10, 1794; Calvin, a physician, m. Lydia Patten of Westford, Mass.; settled first in Marlow and then in Fairfield, Adams Co., Ill.; Calvin died March 13, 1850.
Francis Brown served in the Revolutionary War and was in the Battle of Lexington. Source: kinnexions.com

Samuel Canfield
Is this letter from Washington to our own Marlow citizen Samuel Canfield who served in the Revoloutionary War? We know that several of our Marlow men served in Capt. Canfiled's Compnay under Col. Benjamin Bellows. (See below.) Was our Sam promoted to Lietenant? Please help solve this!

Head Quarters, September 3, 1782.

Sir: I am favored with your Letter of the 28 August, which was delivered me by Lt. Bull together with Mr. Corne and three other prisoners who came out in a flag to your Post contrary to the regulations in that respect.

As it appears that Mr. Come was ignorant that flags were confined to Dobbs ferry and as he has otherwise a very good character I have thought proper to permit him to return with the other Prisoners and the sloop which you will please to order to be delivered to him. 59

[Note: Washington wrote briefly to Knox (September 3) respecting Corne: "You will please to send them [Come and the other prisoners] with a Sergeant and the enclosed Letter to Colonel Canfield who commands at Stamford." [This draft is in the Washington Papers.]
I must at the same time express to you my thanks for your Conduct in this affair and am, etc.

[Note:The draft is in the writing of Benjamin Walker. ]
Washington, George, 1732-1799. The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources
Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
Russell Huntley
Born: 26 June, 1758 in Lyme, Colony of Connecticut
Died: 9 March, 1808 in Marlow, New Hampshire
Military Service: Revolutionary War
Units: Capt. Samuel Canfield's Company, Col. Bellow's Regiment
Highest Rank: Private
Medals/Awards: Unknown
Remarks: Served at Ticonderoga in May, 1777.

Elisha Mack
According to A List of The Revolutionary Soldiers of Dublin, N.H..Samuel Carroll Derby. Columbus, Ohio. 1901.27, Elisha Mack was born in Lyme, Connecticut, lived in Marlow and then Gilsum N. H. before he moved to Montague, MA. He served as a private in Capt. Samuel Wetherbee's Compnay in Col. Isaac Wyman's Regiment, July 1776. (See Wyman's Tavern in Keene, NH.). He was at Ticonderoga in Nov. of 1776. In 1777 he was a lietenant in Captain Davis Howlet's Company. In May he marched to Lake Champlain. He became a Captain in Col. Moses Nichol's regiment of Strak's Brigade between July and Sept. in 1777. On May 31, 1779, he led the Keene Raid which was a failed effort to seize a troublesome Tory at Keene. (Back to Wyman's Tavern!).

Elisha Mack owned a mill and laid a bridge across the Ashuelot River in 1778-79. Elisha was one of Ebenezer Mack's sons (Solomon's nephew). For more of Elisha's bridge building exploits, read about one at Turner's Falls next to Montague. Watch "Marlow History" under the topic "Little-Known Facts about Marlow..."

Bethuel Miller
Recorded in History of Marlow, NH edited
by D. Hamilton Hurd (1886) p-316 "July 31, 1775, ...
We being willing to submit ourselves to the Defensive
Service both with our parsons and entrust, and to
be in such a surcumstance that we may be sarvicable,
we have taken an account of what men there is
in our Town that are capable of exercising themselves
in the Defensive sarvice. There is forty seven
men fit to bear armes...(ranks and names given)...
Private Bethuel Miller. The company
participated in the Battle of Lexington, and later
served under Col Bellows in the Rev. War

Bethuel enlisted three separate times, and
served in two wel- known battles. It was
customary for men to join up when needed to
fight a particular battle, then be released to
return home to their farms until the next time
they were needed.

Bethuel first served from Dec. 5, 1776 to
March 15, 1777 in the Company of Capt.Joshua Hayward,
Regiment of Col. David Gilman. They joined up
with the US Army in New York. He served for 3
months and 11 days during this enlistment.
(Vol 1V P 544)

Next he served for a short period of 8 days.
This time he was in Capt. Samuel Canfield's
Company, Col. Benjamin Bellows Regiment.

OnJune, 28, 1777, they REINFORCED THE
it was besieged by the enemy. He was discharged
from this enlistment on July 3, 1777. (Vol XV P26)

He reenlisted on 21 Sep 1777 and
served in Capt. Ashley's Company, Capt. Bellow's
Regiment. This time he served for one month
and two days and HELPED TO REINFORCE
was commanded by General Horatio Gates, who
many historians believe was partially to
blame for Benedict Arnold's change of heart.

Bethuel was discharged from this
enlistment on Oct. 22, 1777. (Vol XV p 371)

He is recorded in the following: Rolls of
the Soldiers in the Rev. War, 1775 to May, 1777;
Diaries of Lt. Jona Burton, Ed. By Issac Weare
Hammond, Vol 1 of War Rolls, NH 1885.
(13,3) 799 pages

More on Bethuel Miller:
Miller, Bethuel - Additional military information:
Responded to the alarm of 21 Apr 1775 and fought at the battle of Lexington; also, Private, Capt. Joshua Hayward's Company., Col. David Gilman's NH Regiment., from 5 Dec 1776 to 15 Mar 1777, in New York; also, Private, Capt. Samuel Canfield's co., Col. Benjamin Bellows'Regiment; from 28 Jun to 3 Jul 1777.

Born 19 Sep 1751, New Lyme, New London CT., died 16 Nov 1821, Marlow, Cheshire NH. His father was Capt. Nicodemus Miller, his mother, Phebe Huntley. He married Jemima Huntley, 11 May 1780, Alstead, Cheshire NH. Their children were: Eber, Elizabeth, Roswell, Mary, Rosewell, Phebe, Frederic J., Sabrina, and Willard. (For more, see "Genealogy of Marlow's Revolutionary War Soldiers" under "Genealogy" in this Forum.


Joseph Tubbs
From the Merrimack and Sullivan Counties, New Hampshire Biographies, Released May 27, 2004:

"Henry Tubbs, a successful dentist practicing in Newport, was born in Peterboro, N.H., Feb 24, 1831, son of Joseph and Azuba (Monroe) Tubbs. The family is traced to one William Tubbs, who came to the Plymouth Colony from London, England in 1635. The paternal grandfather of Dr. Tubbs was Captain Joseph Tubbs of Marlow, N.H., an early settler, a successful farmer, a good citizen, and a Captain in the old State militia. He died at the age of eighty years."

From The History of Cheshire and Sullivan Counties

The town furnished several men to the Continental Army. An "Alarm
Band" was organized to be ready to march at a moment's notice. The
names of those engaged in different capacities, at various times,
are as follows: Captain Samuel Canfield; lieutenants, William Reed
and Ruel Royce; sergeants, James Munsil and Zopher Mack; corporals,
Andrew Boynton, Aseph Mather, Rufus Huntley and Richard Otis;
privates, Isaiah Huntley, Silas Mack, Jonathan Fletcher, Elisha
Huntley, Bethuel Miller, Andrew Huntley, Richard Peck, Nathan Huntley,
John Lewis, Aaron Huntley, Simeon Church, William Cheney, Eber Lewis,
Riplah Bingham, Abner Bingham, Tyler Spafford, Charles Geer,
Walter Geer, and Ira Beckwith. The company was called to answer to
the "Lexington Alarm," and afterwards being attached to Colonel
Bellow's regiment, they marched to Vermont several times when British
advanced made it necessary, while several of the men were at the
battle of Bennington.


WAR OF 1812

From Bob Nichols comes this compilation of Marlow's 1812 Soldiers:

NAME ............... COMPANY.................................... IN AS .... OUT AS

Harris Beckwith...2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA..... PVT...... PVT
Jared Beckwith...2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA...... PVT..... PVT

Jason Beckwith...NO RECORD but following found
Jason Beckwith, Jr.- 3 REG'T (MOORE'S), CT MILITIA..PVT...... PVT

Seldon Brown..... NO RECORD but following found
S D Brown..........LONG'S COMMAND, NH MIL...............PVT..... PVT

Samuel Comstock..1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.........PVT.......PVT

Elisha Gee............ NO RECORD FOUND

John Giffin.............2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA.....SGT......SGT

David Hosley......... 1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA........PVT.......PVT

Aaron Huntley........2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA... .PVT..... PVT

Elijah Huntley.........2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA.. ENSIGN...ENSIGN

Elisha Huntley........ 2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA.....PVT......PVT

Luther Huntley ........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA........3 LT..... 3 LT

Wilder Knight...........NO RECORD but following listed
Wilden Knight.......... 1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA........PVT......PVT

John Lewis...............1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.......PVT....... PVT

John Marvin..............2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA...PVT....... PVT

Samuel Murdough......1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA...... PVT.......PVT
John Raymond...........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA...... PVT.......PVT
John Raymond...........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.......PVT.......PVT
Richard Tinker...........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.......PVT.......PVT

Home towns were not listed in this source, so this list is "probable." John Raymond was listed twice -- either two persons or one serving two times.

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