The War of 1812

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The War of 1812

Postby Loisanne Foster » Sun May 06, 2007 6:07 pm

From Bob Nichols comes this compilation of Marlow's 1812 Soldiers:

NAME ............... COMPANY.................................... IN AS .... OUT AS

Harris Beckwith...2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA..... PVT...... PVT
Jared Beckwith...2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA...... PVT..... PVT

Jason Beckwith...NO RECORD but following found
Jason Beckwith, Jr.- 3 REG'T (MOORE'S), CT MILITIA..PVT...... PVT

Seldon Brown..... NO RECORD but following found
S D Brown..........LONG'S COMMAND, NH MIL...............PVT..... PVT

Samuel Comstock..1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.........PVT.......PVT

Elisha Gee............ NO RECORD FOUND

John Giffin.............2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA.....SGT......SGT

David Hosley......... 1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA........PVT.......PVT

Aaron Huntley........2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA... .PVT..... PVT

Elijah Huntley.........2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA.. ENSIGN...ENSIGN

Elisha Huntley........ 2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA.....PVT......PVT

Luther Huntley ........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA........3 LT..... 3 LT

Wilder Knight...........NO RECORD but following listed
Wilden Knight.......... 1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA........PVT......PVT

John Lewis...............1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.......PVT....... PVT

John Marvin..............2 REG'T (STEELE'S) NH MILITIA...PVT....... PVT

Samuel Murdough......1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA...... PVT.......PVT
John Raymond...........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA...... PVT.......PVT
John Raymond...........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.......PVT.......PVT
Richard Tinker...........1 REG'T (FISK'S) NH MILITIA.......PVT.......PVT

Home towns were not listed in this source, so this list is "probable." John Raymond was listed twice -- either two persons or one serving two times.
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Genealogy of Marlow's War of 1812 Soldiers

Postby Loisanne Foster » Sat May 12, 2007 6:25 pm

War of 1812

The Marlow soldiers who enlisted in the War of 1812 never saw "action." They marched over to defend Portsmouth, NH Harbor and shipyards from attack. At the time it was one of the great shipping centers on the East Coast. Fortunately, it was never attacked, so our men came home unscathed. As John Donne said, "They also serve who only stand and wait."

Please remember that this is a work in progress, and the contents are only as good as the sources we find, many of which are secondary, so please view this as a starting point for research rather than as the final word.

If you have corrections, questions, or further information, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

A note on the Beckwith family:
We find many Beckwiths in the area quite early. They all seem to have come to southwest New Hampshire from in or around East Haddam and New London CT (near Lyme). The 1790 Census shows nine Beckwiths in East Haddam and and 49 in New London as heads of households. The 1790 Census shows these Beckwith heads of households in the Marlow area:
Marlow: Amos, Anson, Eleazer, Ira
Walpole: Bathuel [Bethuel?]
Alstead: Andrew, Jason, Martin, and Richard
Lempster: Jabez and Niles

Read more about the Beckwith family under "Eleazer Beckwith" in this Forum.

Harris Beckwith
--- Born: Dec. 20, 1780, Lyme, CT
Spouse: Amanda Learning (1808-1870)
Abigail - 1828-1870
Mary - 1829-1899
Amanda - 1833-1900
Harris Beckwith was still in Marlow in 1820.
We have not yet determined his ancestry.

Jared Beckwith
--- Born: about 1794 in Cheshire Co., NH
Died: about 1850 in Cheshire Co., NH
Resident of Alstead, NH in 1840
Parents: Ira Beckwith and Hanna Wheelock
- Hanna Wheelock was born in Marlow in 1767 and died in Marlow May 22, 1850.
Paternal grandparents: Daniel Beckwith and Miriam Smith
- Miriam Smith's father is Samuel Smith whose parents are John Smith and Mary Huntley. John Smith's parents are Richard Smith and Joanna Quarles of Lyme, CT
Jared's siblings: Annie, Eunice, Abigail, Daniel, Polly, Philinda (1788), Rebecca G., Betsy (1789), and Stephen April 19, 1802)
Spouse: Lucy Brigham
Children: Joel, William, Silas H., and Lydia A.

Since Jared lived in Alstead, NH in 1840, there is a possibility that, although his spouse came from Marlow, he never lived here, but mustered in at Marlow.

Jason Beckwith
--- Born: July 7, 1767, Marlow, NH, the eldest child in his family
Died: July 24, 1830, Marlow, NH
Parents: Eleazor Beckwith [Eleazer] and Hannah Lewis
Eleazar, Jr. - 1770, Marlow, NH
Dudley - 1774, NH
Abner - April 15, 1777, Marlow, NH
Seth - about 1780, Williamstown
Lucretia - May 12,, 1782, Marlow, NH
Spouse: Phoebe Miller (b. 1769, Marlow. d. Feb. 21, 1810, Marlow)
Amos Beckwith - 1785
- -Phoebe Miller
Parents: Lemuel Miller and Mary Beckwith
Paternal grandparents: Nicodemus Miller and Phebe Huntley
Maternal grandparents: Daniel Beckwith and Miriam Smith (See above.)
- Nicodemus Miller played important roles in the early meetings of Marlow proprietors and Phebe's brother, Bethuel, also played important roles in early town politics.

Seldon Brown
We know Seldon Brown, or his name-sake, was a well-known person in early Marlow, noted for his practical jokes such as removing the shoes from his father-in-law's horse to pay his father-in-law for headache medicine and fooling the Gees, who were Millerites in the 1840's, into believing the end of the world had in fact arrived. We know that he is Amos Fisk's son-in-law. More information should be forthcoming.

Samuel Comstock
--- Certainly there was a Marlow 1812 soldier by this name, and he apparently was in Marlow in 1820. The problem is that he seems to have left soon after, and we cannot yet be certain which of the wealth of Samuel Comstocks was here in 1812. (We have the correct one pinpointed now, 5/17/07. See the notation form Bob Nichols below.)

The most likely to have been a Marlow soldier in 1812 is Samuel, the son of a Samuel Comstock who was born July 27, 1756 in Lyme, CT and who died in 1852 [or 1844?] in Alstead, NH, a town adjoining Marlow. If that is the case, our Samuel's mother is Hester Royce, born April 24, 1770 in Alstead, NH and died July 16, 1820 in Marlow. She is the daughter of Samuel Royce (b. May 13, 1740, CT, d. June 30, 1802, NH) and Rebecca Beckwith (b. about 1741, New London, CT, d. June 1813). The senior Comstocks married in Marlow Feb, 18, 1787.

Born in 1795 in NH, our Samuel would have been only 17 in 1812, but that does not preclude his going to war.

His siblings are born in Marlow, NH, Lyme, CT, and Alstead, NH, giving the impression that the family moved a good deal.
Hulda - Marlow
Hester - May 2, 1783, Lyme, CT
Elisha - Feb. 17, 1790, Alstead, NH - 1862
Samuel - 1795, NH
Jehiel - April 3, 1799, Alstead
Amanda - Nov. 25, 1810, Marlow

Maybe little two year old Amanda watched her big brother march away with his regiment toward Portsmouth, and was delighted when he returned a few months later. Perhaps he told her stories of the big town and the sea.

We seem to lose track of the Marlow/Alstead Samuel Comstock after his participation in the War of 1812. The Samuel Comstock in Marlow in 1820 could be this Samuel's father, perhaps. There was also a Samuel Comstock in 1820 in Washington, NH, a number in Connecticut, and several in New York State. Who is Marlow's 1812 soldier, Samuel Comstock?

From Bob Nichols, (5/17/07):
The attached information matches your Samuel Comstock and notes military service as being in War of 1812.

Samuel Comstock
--- Born: about 1795, New Hampshire
Marriage to Lydia Munsil: Jan. 30, 1861, Age: 66
Died: Jan. 30, 1861, Craftbury, Orleans Co., VT
Military Service: in War of 1812

Historical note -- the War of 1812 wasn't fought only in 1812. It ran from June 18, 1812, when the U.S. declared war on Britain, until Feb. 16 or 18, 1815 when Congress ratified the treaty which had been signed on Dec. 24, 1814. Samuel Comstock could have been about 17, or 18 or 19 when he served.

Elisha Gee
--- Born: April 7, 1784, Marlow, NH
Died: Nov. 3, 1857, Marlow, NH
Parents: Stephen Gee (d. Oct. 15, 1808, Marlow) and Eunice Moore
Paternal grandparents: Solomon Gee and Deborah Huntley
- Deborah Huntley's parents: Aaron Huntley and Deborah DeWolf
Spouse: Judith Brown (b. Aug. 20, 1790, Newport, NH; d. March 31, 1876, Marlow, NH)
- marriage: April 7, 1813, Newport, NH
Children, all born in Marlow, NH:
Sarah Eunice - March 2, 1814
Horace - Nov. 22, 1815
Edna Moor [sic] - Sept. 17, 1818
Lucy F. - Jan. 19, 1820,
Eldridge B. March 11, 1822
Ruth Sleeper - April 16, 1826
Eliza Abigail - Aug. 5, 1828
Nathan B. Feb. 17, 1832

The Gee family owned a number of mills in Marlow, the first very early on Grassy Brook, a second on Gee Brook where where a more recent Gee Mill (c. 1843) stands today as a residence, and, finally, succeeded James Burnap at the mill by the village dam which is now of concrete. These were saw mills, but the one on Gee Brook was especially cleaned and used once a week to grind "Turk's salt." (History of Marlow, New Hampshire by Elgin Jones)

John Giffin
--- Born: March 2, 1795, Marlow, NH
Died: Oct. 22, 1829
Parents: Partick Giffin (b. Sept. 3, 1768, Bedford, NH; d. Feb. 1821, Marlow, NH) and Rachel Hickey - [Hinkley?] (d. Dec. 14, 1856, Marlow, NH)
Paternal grandparents: Robert Giffin (b. 1742; d. Aug. 15, 1777, Deering, NH) and Agnes Taggart -(d. about 1805, Marlow, NH)
Spouse: Sally Tubbs (b. July 30, 1794, Marlow, NH; d. June 8, 1874, Marlow)
- marriage: March 2, 1817
Sally's parents: Joseph Tubbs and Rhoda Henry
Sally's paternal grandparents: Abisha Tubbs and Zephan Hepzibah Mack
Children of John Giffin and Sally Tubbs:

John is the grandson of Scotch-Irish immigrants who landed in Boston about the time of New Hampshire's famous "Ocean Born Mary." Finding Massachusetts not overly welcoming, they made their way with many others to the rugged hills of New Hampshire. It seems the Scotch Irish wanted to be as far away as possible from English tyranny. We notice that several New Hampshire towns have the names of the towns these Scotch Irish left behind: Londonderry, Dublin, and Antrim, for instance. The immigrants, Robert and Agnes, had two sons, Robert (1742-1821) and Patrick (1768-1821). Robert eventually left the Bedford, NH area to remove his family mid-winter to Ohio, stopping to visit his brother Patrick, who had by then already moved to Marlow, on the way. Patrick, John's father, arrived in Marlow in 1793 at the age of 25 where he met and married Sally Tubbs, daughter of Abisha Tubbs and Hepzibah Mack. Patrick's son Reuben (1804-1870) was also born in Marlow. In short order, the Giffins became related to all those families from Lyme, CT. Reuben and his son Allen became successful businessmen, first in Marlow and then in near-by Keene, NH. (Find Giffin St. there.) and John's son, Matson (1821-1855), and grandson, Melbern (1847-1901), succeeded in the business world further afield. To learn more about this family, see "Giffin Family" in this Forum. We can thank Giffin descendent Mardy O'Neill for much of this information and also for two of Melbern's Marlow school books which she have to Marlow Historical Society for the museum.

Aaron Huntley
The War of 1812 soldier, Aaron Huntley, is probably not the elder Aaron Huntley I who was born in New London, CT Nov. 4, 1752 and died Feb. 18, 1819 in Antrim, NH [or Feb. 18, 1819 in Marlow, NH?]. He is more likely to be his son, Aaron Huntley II, born Jan. 16, 1794 in Marlow, NH. We have not yet found when or where he died or record of wife or children, but we have his ancestry.

Parents: Aaron Huntley (See above.) and Rachel Huntley (1746-1830);
Residence in 1773: Marlow, NH
Paternal grandparents: Samuel Huntley (Dec. 23, 1713 - May 11, 1770, Lyme, CT) and Ruth Huntley - (March 1, 1715/17 - June 15, 1805, Lyme, CT)
Maternal grandparents: Benajah Huntley (b. 1714; d. 1776, Lyme) and Esther Howell (b. about 1720, Long Island, NY; d. after 1776) Aaron I goes back to John Huntley and Jane Curtis Dayton on both sides, and his wife Rachel goes back to the same pair on the paternal side, but this is four generations back. Other Lyme, CT surnames such as Champion and Chappell also appear in his genealogy.

Elijah Huntley
--- Born: March 29, 1779, Marlow, NH
Died: Dec. 3, 1861, Marlow, NH
Parents: Russell Huntley (b. June 26, 1758, Lyme, CT; d. March 9, 1808, Marlow, NH) and Ann Miller (b. 1762, Lyme, CT; d. June 1, 1829, Marlow, NH
Paternal grandparents: Nathan Huntley (b. June 2, 1726, Lyme, CT; d. April 30, 1798, Marlow, NH)
and Lucy Smith (b. March 25, 1729, Lyme, CT; d. March 25, 1802, Marlow, NH)
Maternal grandparents: Nichodemus Miller and Phebe Huntley
(- Russell Huntley's grandparents are: Aaron Huntley and Deborah DeWolf; John Quarles Smith and Lucy Tinker)
Elijah's siblings: Phebe, 1782; Luther, 1786; Hubbard, 1793, and Erthelinda, 1798)
Spouse: Betsey Brockway (b. about 1785; d. Jan. 21, 1836, Marlow, NH)
Children of Elijah Huntley and Betsey Brockway, all born in Marlow, NH:
Willard - April 11, 1803
Orrissa - Feb. 24, 1805
Marilla - May 7, 1807
Hibbard - July 10, 1810 [Was it Hubbard?]
Luther - Nov. 26, 1812
Elijah - Jan. 20, 1816
Willis Lemuel - May 23, 1821

Luther Huntley
--- Luther is Elijah's brother. (See above.)
Born: Aug. 27, 1786, Marlow, NH
Died: May 20, 1854
Military enlistment: Sept 13, 1814 at age 28
Spouse: Hannah Gale, m. Oct. 30, 1806. Hannah died in 1854.
Lorin Laurin - 1810
Elmira - 1813
Russell - 1816
Abigail - 1818
Josiah Gale - 1820
Dexter B. 1828-1866
Lyman H. - 1847

Wilder Knight
--- Wilder Knight eludes us. Census information shows a Wilder Knight who could well be the son of Marlow's War of 1812 soldier, Wilder Knight. The 1850 Census shows a Wilder Knight, age 27, born in MA about 1823 and living in Marlow, NH. The 1830 and 1840 censuses shows a Wilder Knight living in Stoddard, NH, adjacent to Marlow. Another census, the Kansas Census of 1865, shows a Wilder Knight living in Douglas, Kansas (Wakarusa area), estimated birth year, 1808 and birth location, New Hampshire. The Manchester, NH directories of 1890-1893 show a Wilder T.Knight living there, and a Burton Wilder Knight (b. Manchester, NH, 1893) has a draft registration card for WWI in Manchester and for WWII in Hillsboro, NH, not so far away from Marlow "as the crow flies." Marlow's Wilder Knight remains a puzzle yet to be solved.

John Lewis
--- We are still working on John Lewis. He might be a son of Marlow's Eber Lewis, but that is yet to be shown.

John Marvin
--- We have two John Marvins in our sights, father and son. It is difficult to see how either could have been the John Marvin who enlisted for the War of 1812 from Marlow as, according to the records we found, both were dead at the time! We will enter some information on them in hopes it will lead to our own John Marvin. Because of local and Lyme, CT connections here, we seem to be in the right ball park, but without a home run.

John Marvin, Jr.
--- Born: Dec. 15, 1763, Lyme, CT
Died: Nov. 17, 1807, age 43 in Surrey, [sic] NH
Parents: John Marvin (b. 1725/26, Lyme, CT; d. Dec. 24, 1791, Lyme, CT) and Sarah Brooker (b. 1726, Saybrook, CT; d. 1769, Gilsum, NH (next to Surry, NH and Marlow, NH) The ancestry shows typical Lyme, CT names: Champion, Smith, Clark, and DeWolf.

While, if the above information is correct, neither the father nor the son can be Marlow's 1812 soldier, we sense this may be the right family. A nephew, perhaps? Can anyone solve this?

From Bob Nichols (5/07):

John Jr. had a brother Giles who was born 23 Dec 1751 in Lyme, CT. Giles married Lucy Barron on 27 Mar. 1771 in Surry, NH. Lucy was born on 13 Oct 1753 in Keene, NH, to William Barron and Isabella Larabee.

Giles and Lucy had Silas, born 28, Nov. 1771 in Surry, NH. They then moved to Alstead, NH at an unknown date.
In Alstead they had Elias in 1775
Lucy about 1776
Isabella, 29 Sept. 1778
William, 1 Sep. 1779
Giles in 1781
John, 2 Feb 1783
Nathan about 1788
Tilley in 1793.

Giles, Sr. died on 5 Nov. 1801 in Alstead, NH.

The John Marvin born in Alstead on 2 Feb. 1783 may or not be the man who was in the War of 1812. He married Polly Burke of Vermont in 1806. They had a son, John L. Marvin, born in Alstead on 16 Sep 1808. They had seven more children - all listed as born in Covington, PA -
Polly, 13 Dec. 1811
Caroline, 7 Feb. 1813
Mary Ann, 1 Nov. 1815
Henrietta, 8 Jan. 1818
Sally Ann, 21 June 1823
Charlotte, 15 June 1826
Albert G., 20 Oct. 1828

Polly (John's wife) died in Covington, PA on 1 May 1863.

John re-married after Polly's death. He married Harriet Andrus Rockwell on 6 Oct. 1864.

John died in Covington, PA on 2 July 1866.

If John's first three girls were born in PA then he would probably not be the correct man. If at least the first three were actually born in NH, and the source was in error - then he could be our man

Samuel Murdough
--- The most likely candidate for Marlow's Samuel Murdough of the War of 1812 seems to be one of the Scotch Irish folks from Hillsboro County, the general area that John Giffin's parents came from. Details about this John Murdough are sketchy, but this is what we have:
--- Born: 1763, Litchfield, NH
Parents: Thomas Murdough (b. 1736, Londonderry, Ireland) and Margaret McCauley (b. Aug. 30, 1734, Antrim, Ireland; d. Jan. 1814, NH)
Maternal grandparents: James McCauley (b. 1709, Antrim, Ireland; d. May 4, 1749, USA) and Margaret Moore (b. 1712, Antrim, Ireland; d. 1750, NH)
Spouse: Mary Jones (b. 1759, Wilmington, MA; d. June 17, 1847, Washington, NH - adjacent to Marlow) , m. June 23, 1781
Child: Margaret - 1787-1871

John Raymond
--- Born: Dec. 8, 1795, Marlow, NH
Died: May 14, 1863, Marlow, NH
Parents: Jonathan Raymond (b. 1776, Bevery, MA; d. June 28, 1798, Marlow, NH) and Polly Whipple (b. Oct. 9, 1766, North Brookfield, MA)
Paternal grandparents: John Raymond (b. March 26, 1732; d. March 30, 1822, MA) and Deborah (b. 1736; d. May 20, 1808)
Maternal grandmother: Mary Proud
Spouse: Lydia Davis (b. 1787, Stoddard, NH; d. May 4, 1867, Marlow, NH, age 80)
- m. Dec. 4, 1817, Stoddard, NH
Jonathan - 1819-1905
George Summer - 1812-1900
Elmina - 1823-1893
Selina - 1825-1895
Celina 1827-1897

John Raymond's son Jonathan was born Aug. 21, 1819. His first spouse is Lomira Hicks(1839-1897). Their child is George (1879-1958). On Aug. 21, 1853, he married Amanda Thatcher in Adams, MA. A third spouse is Elizabeth W.Thatcher.

We know from The History of Marlow by Elgin Jones that John Raymond's father Jonathan was killed in Marlow by a falling tree.

Richard Tinker
--- Born: Nov. 20, 1798, Acworth, NH
Died: March 7, 1855, Marlow, NH
Parents: Duren Tinker (b. 1772, Lyme, CT; d. Oct. 8, 1861) and Polly Lamhier
Paternal grandparents: Duren Tinker (b. 1738, CT; d. Oct. 26, 124, NH) and Mary Beckwith
Spouse: Orpha Gale (d. arch 7, 1855, Marlow); m. Jan. 7, 1820
Richard L. Tinker - March 30, 1841, Marlow

This son married Emma Russell. They had a son Elmer Clarence Tinker born Dec. 21, 1871 in Sugar Grove Township, Kane, Illinois.

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